The Fishbowl Bowl

An original comedy by Jake Mierva and Danylo Loutchko. Directed by Danylo Loutchko and performed at Bryant Lake Bowl 2018

Costume Design by Josie Everett.



From Anchorage,  Alaska. Recently evicted and a contestant on The Fishbowl Bowl

Deuce Manhattan

Backup right fielder for the minor league baseball team, The Schenectady Sea Slugs. Celebrity contestant on this week's Fishbowl Bowl.

Chip Mcbride

Former star of the hit show Everybody's up to Something' and the host of The Fishbowl Bowl.


Mel F.

Former child sunscreen model turned aspiring actress. One of this week's celebrity contestant's on The Fishbowl Bowl.


Cue card holder for the network gameshow The Fishbowl Bowl


Camera operator for the network gameshow The Fishbowl Bowl


From New York, New York.  Junior Executive Assistant Regional District Supervisor of a National Off-brand Advertising Conglomerate. One of this week's contestants on he Fishbowl Bowl.